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a storm of swords


“There’s a carving on our gate,” said Dacey. “A woman in a bearskin, with a child in one arm suckling at her breast. In the other hand she holds a battleaxe. She’s no proper lady, that one, but I always loved her.”

A game of forgotten ladies: Dacey Mormont

Mythology Meme (redux): Two Mythological Objects - [1/2] King Midas’ Golden Touch

What was he now? Only Bran the broken boy, Brandon of House Stark, prince of a lost kingdom, lord of a burned castle, heir to ruins.


                     Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air!                                 
                                                                 My bear! She sang. My bear so fair!
                     And off they went, from here to there,     
                                                             The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair.

September 28th - October 4th

Verily it was that during the dark times of the Troll Attacks that the fandom of The Wench and The Kingslayer did come together and degree that there should be merriment throughout the fandom. And lo a council was commissioned and together they did produce the idea that a week long celebration should take place to admire the ugly sow and annoying princess AS WELL as admiring the fruits of their subject’s labors.

Therefore, after tireless trials the Week of Jaime & Brienne Appreciation was formed as thus;

Sept 28 - Moment you fell in love…
Sept 29 - One Quote
Sept 30 - Favorite Symbolism
Oct 1 - One Scene
Oct 2 - One AU
Oct 3 - Favorite thought one has about the other
Oct 4 - Wild Card - whatever you want

Allow the fruits of your desires to be that what you wish! Be it the written word, the artistic stroke, the musical stylings of various artists. All will be welcomed.

And follow this blog for updates including the tags and collections to which you shall send these products on various sites.

GOOD DAY TO YE`, and may the 7 bless ye` in all your endeavors . 

(Banner by Tyrllion)

The Fates have the subtle power of deciding a man’s destiny. They assign a man to good or evil. Their most obvious choice is choosing how long a mortal lives. There are three Fates. Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life. Lachesis, the measurer, who choses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be. Atropos, she who cannot be turned, who at death with her shears cuts the thread of life.


Icarus: And all the girls say I’m pretty fly—
Daedalus: For a white guy.

Icarus and Daedalus (c. 1869), Frederic Leighton / Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), The Offspring


National Ballet of Canada’s Giselle by Daniel Neuhaus