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r e - r e a d i n g

a feast for crows/a dance with dragons

w a t c h i n g

•legend of korra b3

Auditioning and actually acting on a set are two different things. When you audition, you’re in a room and you don’t have anything to play with and you don’t have anything physically in the room. Whereas on set, you have direction, you have costumes, and you have other actors to work with. It’s a completely different thing.

cersei lannister week || day one: favorite quote






cersei lannister week, october 20th-26th, hosted by cerseilannistersource. your requests were overwhelming so here it is, a whole week dedicated to the queen of the seven kingdoms. tag your works as #cersei lannister week or #cerseilannisterweek to join!

day 1: one (or more) quote(s)
day 2: one (or more) scene(s); book and tv show alike
day 3: one (or more) outfit(s)
day 4: one (or more) relationship(s), romantic and/or otherwise
day 5: one (or more) traits and/or tropes
day 6: one (or more) flashbacks/memories
day 7: blogger’s choice


me: what a lovely day! even the flowers are singing!

flowers (singing): the sins of our forefathers bind us to the dirt

ph. Riccardo La Valle for Riven

Woman? Is that meant to insult me?